“Excuse your language.“

No, DAM. Digital asset management.

“I’m still confused.“

Digital asset management is a big, fancy word that encompasses a fairly abstract and complicated concept. DAM is a company’s act of distributing digital content and archiving it for further inspection.

“English, please.”

Let’s apply DAM to a real-life scenario. Companies create content to distribute on different mediums; whether that be social media, within the company, or to their clients. For example, IHOP’s social media creators have a set of stored pictures. They can utilize these pictures for tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, etc. In today’s day and age, all content is produced and stored digitally. All of this digital content is an asset to the company as it shapes its image, brand, and standing as an entity. The pictures IHOP posts on various mediums defines the way they are perceived by their target audience and the general population. Once the company has accumulated and created all this content, a specific process of filing it must be outlined. In order to measure the effectiveness of certain digital content, it must be stored for later inspection and assessment.

DAM helps companies have a library of digital content for various uses. These tools allow them to continually asses their brand, and brainstorm ways to improve their publish their content and tailor it specifically to their target audience. A main aspect of a company’s success is the ability to adapt to their audience’s interests and needs. Since DAM stores all digital content, companies can reach back on their content for months and analyze what aspects need improvement.

Are you still confused?

It’s okay to be. DAM is an abstract concept that include many aspect of a company’s brand-shaping. What you need to know is that DAM is integral to any company and is vital to be utilized for a company’s success.


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